“I'm currently working with two people who are struggling to control continuous urges to commit suicide. Over the last year one of them has tried to take her own life 6 times. In one of our sessions I recommended to each client that they try this new app that our church is offering. I told them that it may give them encouragement. After a month of reading the Bible verses each day both clients have told me that their urges to commit suicide have subsided. I contribute part of this success to the fact that the verses are tailored to the person's areas of struggle. Thus, each verse resonates with the reader. And in the case of these two individuates, has allowed God to change their lives. I praise God for the power of His Word and I thank you for your faithfulness and skills that can craft such a useful tool.” Psychologist

"This is a tremendous resource. It is exactly where our culture is today.  I truly want to see this take off, and beginning with good quality resources will without a doubt point us in the right direction.  In fact, I believe within the next few years this will be the number one resource for churches in the way of communicating with their congregation, training, and ultimately putting resources in their hands for them to go out and make disciples." Jeremy Gomez

"I love it! The way it is based where I am from the survey at the beginning is awesome!" Sheila Burrows