Bradenton Church of the Nazarene. For several years now, Bayshore Church of the Nazarene has offered an elective class focusing on rediscovering the Bible. The content is collected from Continuing Lay Training, found on Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International's The Discipleship Place website, and focuses on bringing Scripture to life in a way that people may or may not have heard before. The group is led by retired minister and longtime Bayshore member Larry Brown. Read more.

Muncie South Side Church of the Nazarene. South Side Church of the Nazarene in Muncie, Indiana, is changing the way it engages with its congregants by investing in a new discipleship program. They call it The Journey, a unique collection of Sunday School and Discipleship International's The Discipleship Place materials curated and edited for South Side’s specific needs. Read more.


Lay Ministry

Luanne Beadnell. Luanne has been a member of the Alliance, Ohio, Church of the Nazarene since 2008, but it wasn’t until recently that she felt God calling her to a life of Christian leadership through lay ministry. Read more.

Terri Harrell. Terri's life changed 18 years ago when she accepted Christ as her Savior. Since that time she has never felt fully prepared to answer some of the difficult questions she receives. Until now. Read more.


Youth Ministry

Skate Park Outreach. Listen to this wonderful story about how a walk through a skate park awakened a dream in the life of a woman. Her eyes were opened to the needs of kids in her community and their need to have a place to belong. This dream gave birth to a ministry in the local church that has become an intergenerational outreach effort to bring the presence of Jesus Christ to broken and hurting kids.