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NDI Core Principles

Authentic Relationships

The Core of our faith and life is to Love God and Love others. Everyone committed to the great commission should be engaged in relationships that honor God and edify the body of Christ.

Compassionate Outreach
Compassionate Outreach

God is continually reaching out to prepare people's heart to received salvation. Compassionate Outreach reveals God's Love for humanity.

Comprehensive Biblical Learning
Comprehensive Biblical Learning

Learning the scriptures, through individual and group studies helps disciples to become more like Christ.

Fervent Prayer

Fervent Prayer

Prayer is an essential part of discipleship. It is the bedrock upon which all other ministry efforts are built.

Intentional Mentoring & Equipping


Mentoring and Equipping is a discipleship process that introduces new believers to Jesus and reveals how to follow him personally and fully.

The Discipleship Place App.

An app for your daily spiritual fitness plan.

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