Webinar - Why Younger Americans are Leaving Christianity by Rev. Larry Barnett
Why are so many young adults now leaving Christianity? And how can we again succeed in creating a thriving faith in the next generation as young people transition into adulthood? Sadly, research shows American Christianity has declined substantially in recent years, especially among younger Americans. But exciting new research by the Next Generation Project reveals how to effectively meet this challenge by addressing the underlying causes of decline. In this webinar we examine the causes of decline and offer key insights to empower effective disciple-making in a challenging cultural context. Larry Barnett, the presenter, is an ordained minister and the Principal Investigator for the Next Generation Project, a five-year research program examining the causes of American Christianity's decline and empowering pastors and congregations for more effective disciple-making. If you are a pastor and would like to register the viewing of this recorded webinar in the Lifelong Learning Registry please take note that viewing one-hour of this webinar is eligible for 1.0 hours. If you view with laity and discuss it afterward, this webinar is eligible for 1.5 hours. To register this webinar in the Lifelong Learning Registry, please use the code "58823" and be sure to enter the current date you viewed the webinar.

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